69 Eyes: Blessed Be -2LP



The 69 Eyes: Blessed Be -2LP
Svart Records
Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve

A1 Framed In Blood
A2 Gothic Girl
A3 The Chair                          
A4 Brandon Lee

B1 Velvet Touch
B2 Sleeping With Lions
B3 Angel On My Shoulder
B4 Stolen Season

C1 Wages Of Sin
C2 Graveland
C3 30
C4 Heaven/Hell


D1 Sleeping With Lions
D2 Wages Of Sin
D3 Shoot You Down

Radio Live:

D4 Riders On The Storm
D5 Stolen Season

Blessed Be is the fifth studio album by Finnish gothic rock band The 69 Eyes. Originally released in 2000 by Gaga Goodies, the album is now reissued and remastered for the first time with the band's approval. Includes bonus material.

The 69 Eyes kickstarted the new millennium with this era-defining gothic rock statement of an album. With the band’s blessings, Svart Records presents an extended edition of the classic. Definitive Band-approved Remastered Edition.
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